“Jessica Jones”- Thoughts on Kilgrave

I recently watched the first season of “Jessica Jones” on Nexflix and it was honestly one of the best comic book shows I have seen, or at least the start of one.

The show is about a woman named Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter), a hard headed, non-superhero with super strength who can also can super jump. Jones suffers from PTSD and works as a private investigator in New York. She is a hero who does not need or want a cape.

We learn very quickly into the first season Jones is haunted by a man from her past who she is deeply afraid of. Enter the psycho villain, Kilgrave (David Tennant).

The audience learns in the first episode or two that Kilgrave was Jessica’s ex. He is a mind controller and is possibly the scariest big bad. Because the series put real situations in it, he is the scariest villain as of late on any comic book show.


David Tennant as Kilgrave

Kilgrave is the definition of a psychotic, creepy, dangerous, obsessive ex-boyfriend. There were times when I was watching the show where he reminded me of the Phantom of the Opera. He would always tell Jessica to make her own choices, often putting her in complicated situations. Unlike I do with the Phantom, I feel no sympathy towards Kilgrave at all.Yet, I sympathize with villains such as Loki and Malcolm Merlyn, but they have a conscience.

The difference between Kilgrave and other villains I have watched on television is, he literally does not know right from wrong. He does not know what love is and blames his issues, as well as his powers on his parents. He does not believe he is evil, has no conscience or morals and thinks he has a poor, tragic life because he has to choose his words carefully. However, he is very smart and cunning.

Kilgrave is also the biggest wimp I have ever seen because he runs every time he gets the chance. He does not fight his own battles, usually keeping body guards and minions with him at all times. I do not think he can physically fight at all.

Kilgrave is also a snob who is picky about his food, criticizes people’s clothing and is very well dressed, always in purple. He is very rude and gets away with it due to his powers.

David Tennant (“Doctor Who,” “Gracepoint”) portrayed Kilgrave very beautifully. He put a lot of emotion into the character and was the best choice for the role. He made me want to feel bad for Kilgrave, but he also made him so evil, you do not want to root for him.

Tennant was the reason I watched the first season, but now I am hooked and cannot wait until season two. Great acting from the entire cast.

“A Christmas Story- The Musical” review


I saw the musical “A Christmas Story” in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on Nov., 7, 2015. Like many, I had only seen the movie, so I did not know if the musical would be good or cheesy. Needless to say I was actually very impressed with it.

Based on the film of the same name, all Ralphie (Dylan Boyd/Myles Moore) wants for Christmas is a Red Ryder BB Gun and will do whatever it takes to get it. Starting on the first of Dec., he tries to convince his parents (Susannah Jones and Christopher Swan) that it is the perfect Christmas gift for him. From the phrase “You’ll shoot your eye out,” to bunny suits, it is a Christmas story to never forget.

Jean Shepard (Chris Carsten), who is a radio talk show host who narrates the story and he is is a part of the musical. He does not talk to the characters, but is more of an observer. It is like, “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” when Harry is in Snape’s mind.

Carsten did a great job in the musical, he did not sing often, but he brought humor to the character.

Dylan Boyd or Miles Moore (both are alternates and I do not know who was on that night) was fantastic as Ralphie. He had a lot of energy and a great voice. One of his best songs was probably “Somewhere Hovering Over Indiana” and “When You’re a Wimp” with Randy (Josh Turchin) and the rest of the kids in the cast.

Jones was good as the mother. She had a great voice, but her acting was mediocre. However, her best song was “What a Mother Does,” where the audience gets to hear and see how the character feels about being a mother, which is not something we see in the movie. The actress portrayed the character in a very motherly way and in a more loving manner than the film.

Swan as the Old Man was definitely one of the best in the cast . He had a great voice, great humor for the part and was a good dancer, as seen in “A Major Award,” a song about the character winning the infamous leg lamp, which had the audience applauding and cheering.

The entire cast in this musical was fantastic. The music was good and the sets were fitting, even if they were a little cheesy. The musical had talented kids, ensemble and was overall a feel good show. The children were also great dancers, especially in the song “You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out.”

Overall the musical turned out to be a fun show to watch. It was great to see one of my favorite Christmas films come to life.

“Well That Was Awkward” review

I went to see Oklahoma Christian University’s performance of “Well That Was Awkward” on October 3, 2015 at Judd Theater. It was one of the best performances I have seen at the school and I loved it.

When I got to the theatre I was not expecting a big turnout. Usually plays at the school are not a big attraction, so you can imagine my surprise when nearly every seat was full.

Seth Newman portrayed the narrator Phillip Liss, also known as Phil Liss. I did not see the exact point of having the character there and the screen, which was used to show a presentation at the beginning was a bit distracting.

However, it was an interesting reminder of how things can get awkward when people are giving presentations and how people can have weird names. Newman did a good job sharing the character’s back-story and stutter as if he was nervous.

“Sure Thing” was a fairly realistic perspective about when two people of the opposite sex are meeting for the first time. Luke Swanson as Bill did a great job showing the awkwardness of trying to flirt with a female and Lindsay Robinson as Betty did a great job as the woman who is either interested or not.

It was very impressive how the actors picked right back up after the signal (a bell ring) to start over. The audience was cracking up and Swanson and Robinson gave the correct amount of pause to let them laugh.

“Funeral Parlor” was okay. I expected it to be a tad more humorous since the setting was a funeral and most of those skits are funny, at least on television.

Aimee Vance did a good job playing the widow, Susan, as an annoyed woman who just wants to grieve and for Morgan to go away.

Morgan Lindsay as Morgan, I thought could have done a better job. The performances were mediocre, but they got the audience to laugh and that is what counts.

“The Actor’s Nightmare” was by far the best of the three. Plillip Liss chooses a “random” audience member named George, played by Garrett Marshall, to be in the play. The character did not know the lines or the play for that matter is very lost and confused.

The situation was very humorous and had the audience cracking up. The character often broke the fourth wall, literally talking to the audience, but that is part of what made it so hilarious.

Knowing theatre and how it works I knew they would never pick a random audience member and have he/she go up on stage. I applaud Marshall for keeping the audience in the dark about him being in the show. He was a fantastic actor and the audience loved him.

Aaliyah Crimes did a great job as Meg, very funny. Ellie Haynie did a good job as Sarah Siddons. Solan Scott was fabulous as Ellen Terry. Timothy Sartors was hilarious as Henry Irving, but talked a little too fast. Seth Newman portrayed the Executioner and it was fun to see him portray two roles in the performance.

Some of the parts in this act reminded me of my high school days in theatre class when I would forget a line. Or when I forget about a test, it happens.

Overall the entire performance was great. The audience loved it and I particularly enjoyed it. The performers were great and they seemed to have had a lot of fun. It was one of the best Oklahoma Christian University performances I have seen and I am glad I went.

You Are Enough

It was a day that started out like any other. Woke up, got ready for the day and ate breakfast. The only difference is I was wearing my “You are enough” shirt.

“You are enough” is part of a popular saying from the Broadway and West End actress Sierra Boggess. This woman is my role model. She is always positive on Twitter, her CD “Awakening” is inspiring and seems to have a great outlook on life, which she shares with her fans.

Since I first discovered Boggess’ words, “You are enough. You are so enough, it’s unbelievable how enough you are,” I have written the words on my journal, my agenda and anywhere else I can. The words are a reminder to me that I AM enough.

Boggess announced September 2015 that she was putting the quote on shirts and selling them. The money would go to the Humane Society, which is something she is very passionate about.

I was told on my birthday that the shirt would arrive and I received it a week later. I wore it for the first time almost a week after I got it. I took a photo of myself with the shirt on and posted it on three of my social media sites.


Me wearing the shirt

What I was not expecting was the positive feedback I would receive from a few of my friends and family members about the shirt. One person commented that she wanted one and another said this was just the message she needed. My dad saved the picture I took and posted it on one of his social media accounts with his own caption and adding the hashtag, “youareenough.”

Mainly, I think people just liked the words on the shirt. I do not blame them, it is a good message, for anyone.

While no one came up to me personally about my top, it is nice to help get the message across. My hope when I wear the shirt is to tell people they ARE enough.

“You are enough. You are so enough, it’s unbelievable how enough you are.” -Sierra Boggess


Sierra Boggess. Photo from internet

“Putting It Together” DVD review


“Putting It Together” DVD cover

5 people makes for 2 couples and a waiter. The chaos begins in “Putting It Together.” The musical is a combination of some of the greatest works of Tony award winning composer-lyicist, Stephen Sondheim.

The DVD was filmed direct from Broadway. It stars Carol Burnett (“The Carol Burnett Show,” “Annie” and “Glee”), George Hearn, Bronson Pinchot, John Barrowman (“Doctor Who,” “Torchwood” and “Arrow”) and Ruthie Henshall (“Les Miserables 10th Anniversary” and “Billy Elliot Live”). It was filmed on February 20, 2000 and released October 14, 2001.

The show takes place during a cocktail party. Hearn and Burnett played the married couple, Henshall and Barrowman portrayed the son and his girlfriend and Pinchot as the waiter/Observer.

Burnett was fabulous as the Wife and was one of the best in the show. She provided some of the best comic relief, mainly through her facial expressions, and had a great voice. Her version of “Getting Married” was impressive since she had to sing rather quickly and then sing “Being Alive” with the rest of the cast.

Hearn was great as the Husband. He was an impressive singer and actor for this production. He had a fabulous baritone voice that showed his years of training and experience on the stage.

Pinchot as the Observer was by far the one of the best. He was hilarious and had a fabulous voice. “Buddy’s Blues” was one of his two solos on the show, but that was all he needed.The song really showed how much vocal power was needed to portray the character and Pinchot nailed it.

Barrowman was amazing as the Younger Man. His tenor voice was impressive, especially in “Marry Me A Little” and “Unworthy of Your Love.” His dancing skills were evident in “Bang,” a number where he and Henshall danced together.

Henshall was great as the Younger Woman. She did a fantastic job singing and dancing wise. Whether she had a solo, belted her heart out with Barrowman or had a face-off with Burnett, she was definitely a triple threat.

Overall, the musical was amazing, I am so glad it was put on DVD.There is not really a storyline, but the show is easy to follow if you watch the entire musical.

I do not think they could have chosen a better cast. There is nothing better than watching people who were famous for their theater work, or in Burnett’s case theater and Hollywood.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer- “Once More, with Feeling” review

Music, singing, dancing, vampires and demons. Must be the musical version of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” is a show about a girl with powers to hunt and kill the evil supernatural forces, while struggling with her everyday life. Add a bit of music and you have, “Once More, with Feeling.”

“Buffy” cast

“Once More, with Feeling,” originally aired November 6, 2001. It aired for 50 minutes, which is seven minutes longer than any other episode. The songs were written by creator of the show, Joss Whedon. 

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” starred Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy, Nicholas Brandon as Xander, Emma Caulfield as Anya, Michelle Trachtenberg (“Ice Princess”) as Dawn, James Marsters (“Torchwood”) as Spike and Alyson Hannigan (“How I Met Your Mother”) as Willow. This episode guest starred Anthony Head as Rupert Giles, Amber Benson as Tara and Broadway actor, Hinton Battle as the demon, Sweet.

As with most musicals, thoughts are sung, secrets are revealed and love is in the air. Since the characters are forced to sing and dance because of a demon that was mysteriously summoned, they are living a musical nightmare. Buffy and her friends must find a way to stop the “fun” before the people of Sunnydale sing and dance themselves to death.

The people who stood out as the best singers in the episode were Emma Caulfield who was pleasant to hear. James Marsters, has a career in singing and has an amazing rock and roll voice.  Amber Benson has an incredible voice and sang very beautifully. The one person who was not surprisingly outstanding was Anthony Head, who had sung before in previous episodes. Hinton Battle exceeded in both singing and dancing and was easily the best out of the of the entire cast.

The cast members who were decent enough, but not fantastic were Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brandon and Michelle Trachtenberg. While Gellar is a phenomenal actress, she is not the best singer. According to Wikipedia, Gellar did not like dancing or singing for this episode, but was glad she did it. Brandon was a fairly good dancer, but his voice was average. Trachtenberg had a pretty good voice but was a better dancer.

Alyson Hannigon danced and sang the least in this episode with a couple of short solo verses, so it is not fair to critic her singing based on a few sentences. The other time she sang was with the rest of the cast.

“Once More, with Feeling” is my favorite episode in the entire “Buffy” series. As a musical theatre fan, I cannot help but love it. However, it is very obvious that the songs are not sung live and everything is pre-recorded, which is expected, but it bothers me because I am used to live theatre, or at the very least, musical made movies that take at least a year to film and perfect.

While the episode is fun and hilarious, it does deal with revelations and the upcoming drama for future story lines. A very well done episode with a musical twist.

69th Tony Awards review


Another Tony night has come and gone. It was an evening filled with laughter, great hosts and fantastic performances. The 69th Tony Awards aired on June 7, 2015 on CBS and was hosted by Tony winners Alan Cumming and Kristin Chenoweth.

This years Tonys were especially interesting to me because two fellow women from Oklahoma, Kelli O’Hara and Kristin Chenoweth, were nominated for Tonys in the same category for Best Leading Actress in a Musical. O’Hara was nominated for “The King and I” and Chenoweth was nominated for “On the Twentieth Century.” Both went to Oklahoma City University and had the same teacher. I was definitely a proud “Okie.”

To kick off the night, “Something Rotten” performed with “A Musical.” Quite fitting for the Tonys. The cast of “The King and I,” performed and were absolutely wonderful. However, the performance that stole the show was “Fun Home.” 11-year-old Tony nominee, Sydney Lucas won the hearts of many with her phenomenal voice.

Other fantastic performances included Lisa Howard in “It Shoulda Been You,” which left everyone wondering why she was not nominated for a Tony. Josh Groban sang “You’ll Never Walk Alone” for the memoriam, which was very beautiful and touching. “Gigi,” starring Vanessa Hudgens was really good and “Finding Neverland,” starring Matthew Morrison was fabulous. Morrison’s still got it. All of the other performances of the night were great as well.

“Fun Home” won five Tonys this year, including Best Musical. “The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time” won 5 awards as well, including Best Play and Best Leading Actor, which went to Alex Sharp.

“The King and I” won four awards including Best Revival of a Musical and Best Featured Actress in a Musical, which went to Ruthie Ann Miles. She also had the longest acceptance speech and gave a side eye when she was given the cue to hurry up.

Finally, on her sixth Tony nomination, Kelli O’Hara won her first Tony for Best Leading Actress in a Musical. She had the best acceptance speech of the night and the best exit.

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Kelli O’Hara

attends the American Theatre Wing's 69th Annual Tony Awards at Radio City Music Hall on June 7, 2015 in New York City.

Alan Cumming and Kristin Chenoweth

Alan Cumming and Kristin Chenoweth were hilarious and talented hosts. From entering in style for their opening number and other jokes, to Cumming fanboying over Josh Groban and finally closing the show by introducing “The Jersey Boys” in “Oh, What A Night.”

For the full list of winners click here.