Samantha Barks’ scenes cut from “Dracula Untold”

Samantha Barks fans everywhere are upset that the “Les Miserables” stage and film actress will not be appearing in the newest film “Dracula Untold.” The movie is set to premiere in October and while there were rumors of Barks’ scenes being cut, “Sprouts” everywhere kept hoping that they were not true. In the end the scenes for Barks’ character, Baby Yaga, were cut in the final edit. Director, Gary Shore said that Barks’ character did not fit in with the storyline. Bad move, Shore.

Since the announcement Barks’ dedicated fans called “Sprouts,” have not hesitated to announce their anger and disappointment on social media. Samantha Barks is a role model to many and has been widely known for her stage acting and portrayal of Eponine.

Barks got her start in the British TV show “I’d Do Anything,” where she and several other girls sang to compete for the role of Nancy from “Oliver.” Barks may not have won first (she got third), but she won the hearts of many. Since then she has gone on to portray Eponine in “Les Miserables” on the West End stage in London, the 25th anniversary concert at the O2 and the 2012 movie for which she is widely known. Barks went on to portray Nancy in the UK tour for “Oliver” in 2011 and finished the tour in 2013 after filming “Les Miserables.” In December she will be in the new musical “City of Angels” in London alongside former “Les Miserables” co-star, Hadley Fraser.

It is no wonder that “Spouts” are upset Shore cut Barks’ scenes in “Dracula Untold.” For many “Spouts” she was the reason to go and see the movie. Every theatre fan loves to see Broadway stars shine on the big screen, so Shore cutting Barks from the movie was not a smart move. Barks spent three months working on the film, impressed everyone with her performance and the director cuts her scenes. How is that fair to Samantha Barks? The answer, it’s not.

I personally hope that the producers or director will see their mistake, because they just lost a lot of moviegoers with the news of cutting Samantha from the movie. Good luck “Dracula Untold,” you’re going to need it.

Source on Samantha Barks being cut from the movie: here.


Good news Spouts! After many months of wondering about Samantha Barks’ scene in “Dracula Untold,” I have found it on YouTube.

In the scene, Samantha Barks’ character, Baby Yaga, is a witch who encounters the main character, Dracula, portrayed by Luke Evans. These two actors were amazing working together. Evans did a great job of showing fear and courage, while Barks did a fantastic job as a cunning, evil creature.

The makeup that Barks had to wear for her character’s witch form is creepy, but her acting was top notch. She stole the entire scene.

Samantha Barks as Baby Gaga in human form (top) and witch form(bottom).

Samantha Barks as Baby Yaga in human form (top) and witch form (bottom).

Because I had no subtitles, I was confused because I could not understand all of what they were saying. Certain movements surprised me, such as Baby Yaga jumping on Dracula, and I did not understand why she was shouting at him at the end until I re-watched the clip.

While I am still upset that the director cut Samantha Barks’ scene from the film, I am grateful that it is available on YouTube.