Chicago 2014 tour

On January 18, 2014 “Chicago” was in Oklahoma City, Okla., and I got the chance to go and see it. This was my first experience with this musical and I was not disappointed.

The musical tour featured John O’Hurley (“Seinfeld”, “Dancing With the Stars” season 1) as Billy Flynn, Terra C. MacLeod as Velma Kelly, Anne Horak as Roxie Hart and Carol Woods as Matron “Mamma” Morton. Ann Reinking (Grace Farrell in “Annie” 1982 movie) choreographed the production.

One of the things that I liked about the production was that the orchestra was onstage as a part of the play, that I think is really magical even if some people might find it weird. The conductor also seemed to have a role because the characters would talk to him and I thought that was amazing.

MacLeod as Velma did a great job. She had a great personalty for the character, a fantastic voice and was a great dancer. She did a great job singing “All That Jazz.” Horak as Roxie did a great job. Great singing, acting and dancing. O’Hurley surprised me with his singing. I had no idea he could sing the way he does, he was one of the definite highlights and the audience loved him. Woods did a great job as “Mamma,” she definitely impressed me during the song “When You’re Good to Mamma.” What a voice.

While the storyline was not my favorite and I thought it was a little short, I loved the singing and dancing. There was not much of a set at all, but because of that It really makes you focus on the actors, the singing and the dancing. The downside to that was I could see some of the cast sitting in chairs in the dim light during the “Entr’acte” from where I was sitting and they seemed to be just having a little fun like you would see in “Les Miserables 10th Anniversary” during “Master of the House.” But overall, the music was catchy and the cast and crew did a fantastic job.