“Putting It Together” DVD review


“Putting It Together” DVD cover

5 people makes for 2 couples and a waiter. The chaos begins in “Putting It Together.” The musical is a combination of some of the greatest works of Tony award winning composer-lyicist, Stephen Sondheim.

The DVD was filmed direct from Broadway. It stars Carol Burnett (“The Carol Burnett Show,” “Annie” and “Glee”), George Hearn, Bronson Pinchot, John Barrowman (“Doctor Who,” “Torchwood” and “Arrow”) and Ruthie Henshall (“Les Miserables 10th Anniversary” and “Billy Elliot Live”). It was filmed on February 20, 2000 and released October 14, 2001.

The show takes place during a cocktail party. Hearn and Burnett played the married couple, Henshall and Barrowman portrayed the son and his girlfriend and Pinchot as the waiter/Observer.

Burnett was fabulous as the Wife and was one of the best in the show. She provided some of the best comic relief, mainly through her facial expressions, and had a great voice. Her version of “Getting Married” was impressive since she had to sing rather quickly and then sing “Being Alive” with the rest of the cast.

Hearn was great as the Husband. He was an impressive singer and actor for this production. He had a fabulous baritone voice that showed his years of training and experience on the stage.

Pinchot as the Observer was by far the one of the best. He was hilarious and had a fabulous voice. “Buddy’s Blues” was one of his two solos on the show, but that was all he needed.The song really showed how much vocal power was needed to portray the character and Pinchot nailed it.

Barrowman was amazing as the Younger Man. His tenor voice was impressive, especially in “Marry Me A Little” and “Unworthy of Your Love.” His dancing skills were evident in “Bang,” a number where he and Henshall danced together.

Henshall was great as the Younger Woman. She did a fantastic job singing and dancing wise. Whether she had a solo, belted her heart out with Barrowman or had a face-off with Burnett, she was definitely a triple threat.

Overall, the musical was amazing, I am so glad it was put on DVD.There is not really a storyline, but the show is easy to follow if you watch the entire musical.

I do not think they could have chosen a better cast. There is nothing better than watching people who were famous for their theater work, or in Burnett’s case theater and Hollywood.