My Top 10 Favorite Musicals


*Note- These are not all of my programs*

I have seen many musicals live over the years and loved them all, well most of them. As 2015 comes to an end, I decided to rate my top ten favorites so far. I hope to see more new shows in 2016.

1)  The Phantom of the Opera

Anyone who knows me personally or on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) can tell you “Phantom of the Opera” is my number one musical.

The story is about a disfigured man who haunts the Paris opera house and is in love with singer, Christine Daae, who believes him to be the Angel of Music her deceased father sent. Along the way she reconciles with her childhood sweetheart, Raoul de Chagny.

Jealousy ensures, chandeliers fall and the wrath of a madman is faced. A timeless love triangle for all ages with beautiful music and songs that will get stuck in your head.

My first experience with this musical was the music on an Andrew Lloyd IMG_7424Webber CD that was in my mother’s car when I was eight years-old. Since then I have received the 2004 movie and live recording of the 25th anniversary on DVD. I have seen the show live six times, including on Broadway in New York.

I have seen both the original set and the 2014 tour set, which is very different. The sets may be dissimilar, but the story remains the same.

2) Les Misérables

This was a show I was introduced to by watching the 25th anniversary on DVD when I was 19. I wanted to watch it because one of the actors from “Phantom 25,” Ramin Karimloo, was in it. The first time I watched it, I fell in love with the musical. My mom tried to get me to listen to the music after she saw it in London when I was younger, but the title was discouraging.

The story revolves around multiple characters, the main one being Jean IMG_3453Valjean, a man who is on the run from Inspector Javert. As time goes on he gives his life to God and adopts a young girl named Cosette after promising her dying mother he would protect the child.

Years pass and Cosette falls in love with one of the revolutionary boys, Marius, who returns her love. Unknowest to him, his best friend, Eponine, is in love with him.

The revolution rages and Jean Valjean joins in order to protect Marius after learning of his love for Cosette.

Since watching the 25th, I got the 10th anniversary on DVD for my 20th birthday and have the 2012 movie. I have seen the musical live twice, once on Broadway in 2014.

I have several different CD recordings and many versions of one of the biggest numbers, “Bring Him Home,” on my iPod.

3) Cats

This, I believe, is the most underrated, or misunderstood, show Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber has created. I feel as if half the people who have seen it do not like it and the other half do. Unfortunately, my college roommate/best friend was in the “don’t like it” category.

The musical is about cats who all want to go to the Heavyside Layer to be reborn. One of the major characters, Grizabella, is an outcast amongst the rest of them who sings about her time when she was younger.

I grew up with this musical, like I did with “Phantom.” My mom had recorded the movie version of it one evening when I was about six years-old and I have loved it ever since. I have it on DVD and have seen it live twice.

This is a show that I have come to love even more over time because I learned to appreciate the dancing, music, costumes and singing, not just in this musical, but others as well. “Cats” was just the beginning for me.

4) Wicked

I cannot tell you how much my college roommate and I related to thisIMG_8920 musical, or how many references we made for that matter.

This is the untold story about the witches of “The Wizard of Oz,” the green witch, Elphaba, and the good witch, Glinda.

Both witches were roommates and very dissimilar. Glinda was the popular girl and Elphaba was the outcast, but also very powerful. It is a story of friendship, love and gives the message that it is okay to be different.

I have seen this show live twice and I will probably never get tired of it. The music, costumes and story are great.

It has been rumored that there will be a movie based on the musical in 2016, but we shall see. All I can say is, Hollywood better not mess it up.

5) Once

I have only seen this musical one time, but I loved every second of it. This show became a favorite before the first act ended.

IIMG_5777 bought the CD during intermission and put it on my iPod when I got back to my apartment. Since then I have downloaded several versions of the Grammy winning song, “Falling Slowly.”

Based off the movie of the same name, this musical is about a musician who wants to get his ex-girlfriend back. Along the way he meets another woman who helps him with his mission and music. Along the way, the two fall for each other, but are unable to be together.

6) The Lion King

I have seen this show twice and the last time I saw it I was in high school and my stepmom took my sisters and I to see it.

Based off the Disney movie of the same name, this is the story of a young lion cub named Simba, who is heir to the throne and cannot wait to be king.

After witnessing a devastating event, he runs away from it and makes new friends along the way. Years pass and the lion must fulfill his destiny by taking his place as the true king.

Recently, I have thought back and remembered how majestic the musical was. The costumes were phenomenal, as well as the music, cast and crew. I grew up with the Disney movie, so it is no surprise this is one of my favorites.

7) Mamma Mia

This is one of the funniest musicals I have ever seen. The first time I saw it, I was in high school and it was an amazing show. The tour is coming to my state in 2016, so fingers crossed I can see it for a second time.

In this musical, a bride invites her father to give her away. The problem: she has three possible fathers.

As she tries to figure out which man is her real father, her mother finds out they are all there. Chaos ensures and the meaning of family takes a new turn.

I received the DVD for Christmas one year and while it is not as good as the live show, it is still pretty decent. Sadly, it was one of the musicals Hollywood messed up by casting big names, some of whom could not sing. Pierce Brosnan, I’m looking at you.

8) Book of Mormon

Another hilarious musical that lived up to it’s expectation. I had heard about the show before and that it was really good, but I did not have10891904_919527818059064_4628597789392523562_n an opinion until I saw it.

This musical is not about the Book of Mormon itself, but rather two missionaries who are sent to Africa. On their mission they try to convert the atheist African tribe to Mormonism.

When I finally saw the musical, I kept an open mind since I am a Christian and I heard the show had to do with making fun of Mormons and Christianity.  Much to my surprise, it was hilarious and the entire audience was cracking up.

Some of the Mormon jokes I understood because I have a best friend who is of that religion, so while I was laughing at a number that involved coffee (Mormons don’t drink coffee) my parents were a bit confused. It is a funny musical, you just need to be open minded and understand the show is not to be taken seriously.


9) Aladdin

I saw this musical on Broadway with the original cast in 2014. It is a great show with excellent music and a magic carpet that will enchant anyone.

Based off the Disney movie of the same name, this musical is about a street rat, Aladdin, who falls in love with a princess named Jasmine. In order to try and win her affections, Aladdin makes a wish to a genie to become a prince.

I grew up watching the Disney movie as a kid and it is still one of my favorites, so seeing the musical live and with the original cast was an experience I will never forget.

10) Annie

Another movie I grew up with. When I was a kid, I would watch the 1982 version all the time. To this day I still believe it is the best of all three movies.

The first time I saw it live, was a performance at my church and it was pretty good. It was not until later I saw it performed by professional actors when it was on tour. It had more humor and an amazing cast.

The story is about a young orphan named Annie who is waiting for her parents to find her. She is sent to billionaire, Oliver Warbucks, and turns his world upside down.


Spike and Wes-Parellels (Part 3)

*Spoilers for both shows*

After Death of Beloved

Both Buffy and Fred died a supernatural death in the shows they were in, ironically enough in the fifth season.

Buffy sacrificed herself to save her sister, Dawn, by jumping into a portal, which needed “Summers’ blood” (Buffy and Dawn’s last name was Summers) to close.

Since Buffy was Dawn’s sister, she jumped so Dawn would not have to. After her death, Spike openly cried when he saw Buffy’s dead body.



Sometime between season five and six Buffy’s friends had to use the Buffybot in order to make the demon world believe Buffy was still alive. Unfortunately this did not work in their favor, but it did not matter since the gang found a way to bring the real Buffy back by raising her from the dead.

Fred’s death was the more tragic of the two. Her body was taken over by the sprit of an “older one” called Illyria. At the time Fred and Wes were together and all he could do was watch as she died in his arms.

After the death of Fred, Illyria arose in her body/form. This continued to haunt Wes for the remainder of the fifth season, especially when the goddess would pose as Fred.



Illyria: (about Wesley) My recent reversion to the Burkle persona disturbed him. And he will not tell me why.
Spike: You don’t know? You may not think you’re as powerful as you were, Highness, but looking like Fred, for some of us, is the most devastating power you have.


Spike knew more than he let on about looking at someone with the face of the woman he loved. He had to do it with the Buffybot in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and watched Wes do the same with Illyria in “Angel.”

This is one of the two moments when I wished Wes and Spike would have talked, especially after Fred’s death. Both went though almost the same thing and Spike never told Wes of his experience. Another missed opportunity.


Both men died in battle, possibly knowing what their fates would be. The last face they saw before dying was of the woman they loved.

Spike died a champion in the eyes of viewers and Buffy herself.  She had given him an amulet meant to be worn by a champion, which Angel gave to Buffy after she told him to leave. During the last battle, the necklace shone rays out of Spike’s chest where his soul was. As soon as it happened Spike called out to Buffy and she ran to his side.

*Note about the amulet and Spike’s soul*- One of the last things Spike told Buffy was that he could feel his soul stating it “Kind of stings.”

Buffy: I love you.
Spike: No, you don’t. But thanks for sayin’ it.

[Spike’s final lines]
Spike: Now, go!
[Buffy runs]
Spike: I wanna see how it ends.

(Credit: IMBD)

Because of his sacrifice, Spike was deemed a champion and thought to be dead, until he appeared in season five of “Angel.”

Wes died an honorable death. He had completed his mission, but was baldy injured in the process and was unable to survive. Illyria was at his side and at his request, posed as Fred one last time.

Illyria: [Wesley has been fatally stabbed] You’ll be dead within moments.
Wes: I know.
Illyria: Would you like me to lie to you now?
Wes: Yes. Thank you, yes.
[Illyria morphs into Fred]
Wes: Hello there.
Illyria: [as Fred] Oh Wesley. My Wesley.
Wes: Fred, I’ve missed you.
Illyria: It’s gonna be okay. It won’t hurt much longer and then you’ll be where I am.
[Begins crying]
Illyria: We’ll be together.
Wes: I-I love you.
Illyria: I love you. My love. Oh, my love.

(Credit: IMBD)

Both characters loved, lost and gained something in their time on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” I wish they had interacted more because I think they had more in common than with the other characters. I think they could have been better friends rather than just c0-workers and teammates.

Spike and Wes-Parellels (Part 2)

*Spoilers for both shows*


Spike and Wes had different relationships with one of their parents. Spike had a good relationship with his mother, whereas Wes had a complicated one with his father.

In season seven of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” the audience found out when Spike was a human he had a very good relationship with his mother, who around the time of his siring was ill. Once he was sired he still held love and affection for her and made the decision to turn her into a vampire so she could be well again.

*Note* Sire = Vampire who turns a human into a vampire, Siring = Being turned into a vampire

Sadly, this turn of events did not end well for Spike. Once his mother was a vampire she started to make sexual implications towards him, stating no woman would compare to her.

Due to this, Spike had no choice but to stake his mother, which haunted him until he came to terms with it at the end of the “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” season seven episode, “Lies My Parents Told Me.” This was the second flashback episode where Spike’s past as a human was shown.

Wes had a somewhat complicated relationship with his father. He became a watcher because of him and would try very hard not to disappoint him.

In season five of “Angel,” Wes’ father visited Wolfram and Hart where Wes and the rest of Angel’s gang worked, giving the audience the chance to see what type of relationship the two had. Throughout the episode Wes tried to show his dad how far he has come and attempt to impress him, but to no avail.

However, things go wrong and Fred (Wes’ love interest) is held captive by the man.When she was threatened to be killed by Wes’ father, Wes did not hesitate to shoot and kill him on the spot.

As it turns out, the man was not Wes’ father, but rather a robot. Wes called his real father at the end of the episode to make sure he was alive, which he was.

I really wish Spike and Wes had talked more, especially in this episode of “Angel” because robot or not, Wes did think he killed his father and Spike actually did kill his mother. They could have talked about these topics, but when Spike brought it up, he made it sound too casual and Wes ignored him.


Spike and Wes did not have very many relationships, but had one thing in common, one of those was just to fill a void.

Spike had three relationships in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” with Drusilla, who was his sire, Harmony and Buffy.

Spike was with Drusilla for over 100 years until she had repeatedly broken


Spike and Drusilla

up with him. The first time it happened in season three, Spike went back to Sunnydale (where BTVS takes place) and was depressed. When he had the chance to be with her for the last time, she left because of his feelings for Buffy.

Drusilla had broken up with Spike the last few times because due to her physic abilities, she could see he was in love with Buffy. It was shown in a flashback episode in season five of BTVS that Spike had developed feelings for the slayer after their team up in season two.



Spike and Harmony

Spike started a relationship with the newly turned vampire, Harmony between season three and four of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” They broke up for a time because Spike was abusive towards her and she was trying to be her own woman. They got back together in season five until she broke it off for good. They reunited in “Angel,” but did not reconcile.

When the two were together in the fifth season, Spike would often make Harmony dress as Buffy, which grossed me out to no end.

Spike realized his feelings for Buffy in the fifth season of “Buffy the quote-he-spike-probably-fell-in-love-with-buffy-when-he-first-saw-her-but-didn-t-admit-it-to-himself-james-marsters-250620Vampire Slayer” and those feelings stayed with him throughout the rest of the show and afterwards on “Angel.” They are my favorite couple in BTVS and a lot of that had to do with the seventh season, as well as James Marsters’ acting.

Spike and Buffy AKA “Spuffy” were one of the most popular couples in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” Buffy was the main reason for Spike becoming a better man. He loved her with everything he had, with and without his soul.

Unfortunately for Spike, once he discovered his feelings for Buffy, he had to watch her date another man named Riley, who she began dating in season four. Spike succeeded in breaking them up in the fifth season when he caught Riley practically cheating on Buffy.

The two got together in season six, however Buffy was depressed and Spike, still lacking a soul, let her use him. They had a very abusive and destructive relationship until Buffy broke it off at nearly the end of the season.

The breakup led Spike to feel depressed himself and caused him to make the wrong decisions. Eventually, Spike went to Africa to get his soul at the end of season six after feeling guilty and shocked at his attempt to rape Buffy.

Let me clarify, I HATED the Buffy/Spike “relationship” in season six and did not like that the writers of the show had to make Spike nearly rape Buffy to make him want to get his soul. I am a hardcore “Spuffy” fan and even I can admit that it was disturbing. Like I said before, the main reason why I loved them had to do with the last season of “Buffy.”

Once Spike received his soul, he went back to Sunnydale between season


Spike and Buffy

six and seven. When Buffy learned Spike got his soul back the two began to get on better terms. She believed he could be a better man and he stood by her when no one else did.

Spike: I’ve been alive a bit longer than you, and dead a lot longer than that. I’ve seen things you couldn’t imagine, and done things I’d prefer you didn’t. I don’t exactly have a reputation for being a thinker; I follow my blood, which doesn’t exactly rush in the direction of my brain. So I make a lot of mistakes. A lot of wrong bloody calls. A hundred plus years, and there’s only one thing I’ve ever been sure of. You. Hey, look at me. I’m not asking you for anything. When I say I love you, it’s not because I want you, or because I can’t have you – it has nothing to do with me. I love what you are, what you do, how you try… I’ve seen your kindness, and your strength, I’ve seen the best and the worst of you and I understand with perfect clarity exactly what you are. You’re a hell of a woman. You’re the one, Buffy.

(Credit: IMBD)

It was not until nearly the end of the season when it seemed like the two were going to get back together. Unfortunately, the two were not able to until season 10 in the BTVS comics.

Wes was in two relationships in “Angel” with Lilah and Fred.

Wes and Lilah were the relationship the audience might have saw coming. I saw it coming, but tried to deny it until it happened.

At the time of the relationship, Wes was going through his dark path and


Wes and Lilah

was in love with Fred. While he cared for Lilah, he did not love her. Like Spike with Harmony, he was using her to fill the void since he could not be with Fred, or so I believe.

Lilah is my least favorite character in “Angel” and I did not like her with Wes.

Wes and Fred were the most tragic couple on “Angel.” They were together


Wes and Fred

for one episode and I will never get over them. *Sheldon voice* Whedon!

Like Spike with Buffy and Riley, Wes had to watch Fred be in a relationship with one of their friends and teammates, Gunn and then a fellow scientist named Knox. Watching Fred be with other men hurt Wes to no end.

When Fred and Wes finally got together, Fred became sick because of a goddess taking over her body, causing her to die.

Winifred ‘Fred’ Burkle: Would you have loved me?
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: I’ve loved you since I’ve known you. No, that’s not-I think maybe even before.
Winifred ‘Fred’ Burkle: I’m so sorry.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: No, no, no.
Winifred ‘Fred’ Burkle: I need you to talk to my parents. Th-they have to know I wasn’t scared, th-that it was quick. That I wasn’t scared. Oh, God.
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: You have to fight. You don’t have to talk, just concentrate on fighting. Just hold on.
Winifred ‘Fred’ Burkle: I’m not scared. I’m not scared. I’m not scared. Please, Wesley. Why can’t I stay?

(Credit IMBD)

The two were a couple for a limited amount of time and in my opinion, were the most tragic couple in the “Buffyverse.” Sorry Buffy, but killing a newly ensouled Angel does not compare to losing your beloved after just getting together and finally being happy.

To be continued in “Spike and Wes-Parrellels (Part 3)”

Spike and Wes- Parallels (Part 1)

Since watching the television show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and it’s spin-off, “Angel,” I have noticed a few similarities between the two characters, Spike (James Marsters) and Wesley “Wes” Wyndam-Pryce (Alexis Denisof). Both characters are English and the actors are American, but that is not where the similarities end.

*Spoiler Alert for both shows*

How They Started

Both men started as pretty geeky. They were not violent and obeyed society’s rules, or in Wes’ case, the Council’s rules.

Spike started as a human named William Pratt, a 1880’s Englishman who wrote poetry and was often mocked by his peers.

Spike is introduced in season two of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” but by that time he was already a hardcore, bad boy vampire. The audience did not see him as a human until a flashback episode in season five.

Wes is introduced in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” season three. He is introduced as a new watcher for slayers Faith and Buffy. He constantly annoyed the entire crew to no end, lived by the council’s rules, could not fight and was very much a wimp.

Wes did not appear on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” again after the third season, but he did become a regular in all five seasons of “Angel.”

Character Development

Spike and Wes had the best character development on both shows. They go from their status quo to changing for the better.

Spike had the best character development on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” He goes from being a villain, known for killing two slayers, to becoming a champion.

When Spike is first introduced in the second season, he did not have a soul and therefore felt no remorse for anything he did. He loved his girlfriend, Drusilla, and did anything he could for her, which usually involved ending the world.

Eventually, Spike teams up with Buffy at the end of the second season to try and get his girlfriend back, who is falling for the soulless vampire and Buffy’s ex, Angelus (Angel without a soul).

Afterwards, he comes back once in season three and becomes a regular in season four through seven and season five of “Angel,” which takes place after “Buffy.”

After teaming up with Buffy the first time, Spike continued to do so, but with his own agenda which was somewhat towards the dark side. During the fifth season of the show he fell in love with Buffy and gained his soul at the very end of season six.

Once Spike gained his soul, he became a better man. In the last season of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” he was constantly trying to prove himself worthy and show he was not the man he once was, which Buffy saw immediately after learning he was ensouled.

In the last season of “Angel,” Spike came back as a ghost via the amulet he wore in the last episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

During his time on “Angel,” the audience got the chance to see that Spike tumblr_ln5rgbI85o1qhmr8mo1_500was capable of doing good on his own withut an alibi and still held his sarcastic, hilarious attitude that made him so lovable and popular.

Wes was a bit of a different story. After “Buffy” the audience saw him again in the first season of “Angel,” where he was attempting to live as a rouge demon hunter.

Wes was still pretty nerdy during this time, but as the show goes on he takes a turn no one saw coming.

In the third season of “Angel,” Wes is abandoned by his friends for taking Angel’s son, Connor, which he only did to protect the infant. This causes him to stray down a darker path, which would continue until season four. It is because of this he became a better fighter, but throughout all of it he continued to be there for the people he cared about.

To be continued in “Spike and Wes-Parellels (Part 2)



Kelli O’Hara event review

On Dec. 1, 2015 I got the chance to see Tony award winning actress, Kelli O’Hara. She came to Oklahoma to receive an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters at Oklahoma City University, where she graduated and to speak at an event called Esther Women.

I was at the Esther Women event, which started off with a video honoring O’Hara. Then the woman herself was introduced onto the stage, while I knew she was going to speak, I was not expecting her to sing.

She opened singing “Getting To Know You” and “Shall We Dance” from “The King and I,” a musical she is currently starring in on Broadway and won her first in Tony as “Best Leading Actress In A Revival.” Once she was done with those numbers, she went on to speak of how much it meant to her to be in the musical. She said it was about two cultures coming together, which we are having trouble with today in our world.

O’Hara started her speech talking a bit about growing up in Oklahoma. She then went on to give a lot of credit to her voice teacher from Oklahoma City University. She said her teacher would see her in New York City whenever she was in a musical. It was very obvious how much love and respect she had for her. She also spoke of when she first moved to the city and how different it was there.

She sang a couple of songs that she wrote herself. One of them is about her son, titled “I Love You the World.”The pieces were so beautiful and I love that she not only sings, but writes music, especially ones with meaning. It shows a lot about how much she loves her family.

At nearly the end of her speech/concert, she went on to sing “Silver Bells” with one of her good friends who was in the audience. Their performance was absolutely beautiful. Both voices were fantastic, with O’Hara singing soprano range and other woman (I forgot her name) singing in, what I believe was an alto range.

One of the people O’Hara gave credit to was the man playing the piano (again, forgot the name) while she sang. She said he has played with her at concerts through most of her career.

To close, she sang “O Holy Night,” which was by far the hilight of the entire event. Her voice shone and was jaw droopingly beautiful. She made belting in a soprano range look effortless. I was in awe.

Overall, the event is one that I will never forget. It was definitely a once in a lifetime experience to hear Kelli O’Hara sing. She seems like she has a great personality, which she showed while speaking.

My mother, grandmother, a friend from church and I all agreed that “O Holy Night” was our favorite she sang and it was the BEST version we have ever heard. We loved it and we will never forget it.

My grandma and I were still talking about O’Hara and her voice later that evening. We thought she was absolutely wonderful. I loved it and was so glad I got the chance to go.

“The Wiz Live” review

Like most people I grew up watching the beloved classic film, “The Wizard of Oz,” a movie I still enjoy to this day. In the sixth grade I was introduced to the 1978 movie version of “The Wiz” and I honestly did not like it. So, I was very surprised to find I enjoyed “The Wiz Live.”

“The Wiz Live” aired on Dec. 3, 2015 as a part of NBC’s music holiday tradition. It was the third production the network has done, the last two being “Sound of Music” in 2013 and “Peter Pan” in  2014.

“The Wiz” is set to revive to Broadway in the 2016-2017 season, therefore the NBC production was meant to introduce a new generation to the musical. It was very well casted compared to the last two years NBC has done a live musical event.

The cast included Elijah Kelly (“Hairspray”) as Scarecrow, Ne-Yo as Tin-Man, David Alan Grier as the Cowardly Lion, Amber Riley (“Glee”) as Addapearle, Mary J. Blige as Evillene,  Uzo Aduba (“Orange Is the New Black”) as Glinda and Queen Latifah as the Wiz. The adaptation also starred Stephanie Mills, who played Dorothy in the original Broadway cast, as Auntie Em and newcomer Shanice Williams as Dorothy.

Williams was absolutely amazing as Dorothy. Her voice is fantastic and she fit the role perfectly. It is hard to believe she is 18-years-old and it was her first time on screen.

Kelly was fantastic as the Scarecrow. Widely known for playing Seaweed in the 2007 movie version of “Hairspray,” it was no surprise he was an amazing singer and dancer. He nailed every song he sang and had great chemistry with the rest of the cast.

Ne-Yo was amazing as Tin-Man. He put a lot of heart and soul into the role. His dancing was great as well. He and Kelly co-wrote the new song for the television event, “We Got This,” which was sung by the four main characters at the end of the first act.

Grier was fantastic as the Cowardly Lion. His voice was a pleasure to listen to and his dancing was great as well. He did a great job showing character development and had the best growl.

Riley, of course was one of the best singers in the cast. Having been on “Glee” for six seasons, it was not a surprise when she nailed her songs. Her character was hilarious and she made the character bubbly, as well as lovable.

Latifah was fabulous as the Wiz. She had the singing voice for the role and played the character with the right amount of sass.

Blige was great as Evilline. Fantastic singing and she brought sass to the role. Aduba was fantastic as Glinda. She has a great voice. It was amazing to see Mills as Auntie Em. It is always great to see actors from the original production in anything regarding a movie, or revamp of some sort. All three actresses only had one song, but that was enough to make the audience want more.

The costumes and set were amazing. The dancers/ensemble were fantastic to watch and the music was better than I remembered it. It is probably because I thought the singing and actors were better than the movie. No offense to Michael Jackson (RIP).

Overall, it was an amazing production and I would love to see any of these actors in “The Wiz” revival on Broadway.