Dear Phandom.

The “Phandom” is a fandom that includes people who have the same love for the hit musical “ The Phantom of the Opera.” This is a fandom so close, that the fans on social media were like family. What happened?

It was announced on January 2014 that James Barbour would be taking on the role of the Phantom. Barbour has a past of child molestation and spent time in jail for the deed. You can read the article for more information here.

Once it was announced that Barbour would take on the iconic role, the “Phans” started to take action on social media, which to this day is still happening. Some “Phans” are fine with Barbour being casted, some have accepted it and others have gone as far to say violent things to the people supporting him.

Some “Phans” claim that they are going to protest the show. Why? You say that you love this show and yet you want to protest against it. I do not understand that at all. If you love the show, support it, but do not protest because of one actor. Barbour will leave the show eventually; all actors do that in every show that they are in.

Some fans, myself included, are too afraid to even say “James Barbour” on social media, in fear that Phans and non-Phans for supporting a child molester will attack them with violent words.

What has become of this fandom I used to love so much? All I see now is hate, fear and bullying, more specifically, cyber bullying. This fandom is falling apart and some people have left the “Phandom” all together because of what other “Phans” are saying. Online friendships have been broken and arguments on the social media are all over the place. This is not a “Phandom,” this is a nightmare.

I have a feeling that once Barbour leaves the show, the “Phandom” will be scarred, like the Phantom’s face. Is it too late for the “Phandom” to heal or is the damage already done?

It’s your choice whether to accept Barbour or not, but please stop the bullying. You are only hurting those around you.


“Wicked” movie dream cast

It has been confirmed that there is a “Wicked” movie in the works for what fans hope, will be released in 2016. With the speculation of casting, I thought that I would give my own opinion of who should be casted for the movie.


Samantha Barks– This lovely lady (“Les Mis” pun intended) first got her start in the BBC television show “I’d Do Anything,” where Barks and countless other women competed for the role of Nancy in “Oliver.” Barks came in third in the competition and since then have been in “Les Miserables” as Eponine on West End, the 25th anniversary at the O2 and the 2012 movie. Since the “Les Mis” movie came to the big screen she has gained fame and the ability to show her talent. If her version of “Defying Gravity” is not proof enough that she should be in the movie production, I do not know what is.

Rachel Tucker– Another contestant from “I’d Do Anything,” Tucker is well known for portraying Elphaba on the West End and is the longest running actress to play the role in London. With actual experience in the role and having made her Broadway debut in “The Last Ship” in its short run from October 2014 through January 2015, she is no stranger to both the American and British audience.


Rachel Tucker as Elphaba on West End

Lea Michele– It is already rumored that the “Glee” star will take on the iconic role. Original Elphaba, Idina Menzel plays Michele’s mother in “Glee” and Michele has sung several songs from the musical on the show, so it would be fitting for her to take the role on the big screen.


Sierra Boggess– This magnificent soprano would be perfect in the movie. I can just imagine her singing and dancing to “Popular” while having fun with the role. Boggess is a well known Broadway and West End actress, specifically for her role as Christine Daae in “The Phantom of the Opera” and “Love Never Dies.”

The only problem with her ever portraying the role in the movie version is that she is not a big enough name for such a popular (pun intended) character. She would be fantastic on Broadway though.

Gina Beck– Beck, like Tucker in the role of Elphaba, has experience with the role. She was G(a)linda on West End in 2011 and reprised the role in the U.S. tour in 2013. She had a cameo as Turning woman number three in the “Les Miserables” 2012 movie and is very well known in London for her other theatre credits.

Much like the problem Boggess would have, Beck is not well known in the movie industry, despite having a cameo in “Les Mis.”


Aaron Tveit– Tveit played the role of Fiyero on Broadway in 2008 and has been in several other musicals before and since then. He was in the 2012 adaption of “Les Miserables” as Enjolras and is currently in the TV show “Graceland” as Mike Warren. Because he is well known in Hollywood and has theatre credits, he would be perfect in this iconic role. I can see him dancing through life already.


Aaron Tveit as Fiyero on Broadway


Eddie Redmayne– He’s adorable, he can sing and  he is a golden globe winner, as well as an Oscar nominee. Redmayne played the role of Marius in the 2012 movie “Les Miserables” and won the golden globe for his role as Stephen Hawking in “The Theory of Everything” in January 2015. Who better to get butts in the seat than him?

Daniel Radcliffe– From “Harry Potter” to Broadway, Radcliffe would be phenomenal as Boq! This man is a bucket load of talent and is very well known in the TV and the theatre community. If his version of “Brotherhood of Man” from “How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying” does not make you think he would be perfect for this (somewhat) loveable munchkin, I do not know what will.


Michael Crawford– Having experience playing the Wizard in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “The Wizard of Oz,” in 2011, this man would be absolute perfection. Crawford is well known for portraying the original Phantom in “The Phantom of the Opera,” on both West End and Broadway. I could easily see him as the Wizard.

John BarrowmanShakes fist Barrowman! This man is well know for his role as Captain Jack Harkness in “Doctor Who” and its spin-off series, “Torchwood.” Before he was a TV actor he was in various musicals on the West End and Broadway. He can sing, he can dance and let’s face it he would have a blast with this role. He is currently on the TV show “Arrow” as the villainous, Malcolm Merlyn. Who better to play the cunning, fun Wizard than this man?  His song “The Doctor and I” is just more proof that he should be in this musical.

Madame Morrible:

Kristin Chenoweth– The woman who originated the role of G(a)linda on Broadway would be fantastic as Madame Morrible! While I have never seen her portray a role like Madame Morrible, she would be great either way. She was on the TV show “Pushing Daisies,” had a reprising role on “Glee,” has been in several movies and is currently back on Broadway. Who knows, if she plays this role maybe we can hear her infamous “Cheno Note.”

Original Broadway cast– I do not care if they’re in the chorus. Put them in the movie!