“School of Rock” U.S. Tour Review

When I found out I was going to see “School of Rock,” I did not think much about it. Little did I know that I was going to see a show that exceeded my expectations. Andrew Lloyd Webber, you have done it again.

I grew up listening to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s music, starting with “Cats.” A couple of years later I fell in love with “The Phantom of the Opera” and growing up I have seen several of Webber’s musicals at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City and/or on DVD.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s latest musical, “School of Rock” has been running on Broadway for at least three years. When the soundtrack was released on iTunes, I bought it and I liked it. I saw the show that is on tour and it was amazing from start to finish.

Based on the film of the same name, “School of Rock,” is about Dewey (Rob Colletti), a man who dreams of becoming a rock star. After accepting a job as a substitute teacher at a private school, he sees potential in his students’ musical talents and turns them into a band.

Dewey also makes an impression on the school principal, Rosalie (Lexie Dorsett Sharp), who is one of the most relatable characters. She is strict and respected, but when Dewey enters her life, she is reminded that her inner child is still there.

The most beautiful part of the show’s storyline is how one teacher can change the lives of students and vice versa. Dewey’s students all want one thing: to be heard. By turning his class in to a band, Dewey gives them a voice and forms a bond with them.

The actors and actresses playing the students, are all incredible because they play their instruments live. The kids are at least nine through fifteen years old and play electric guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. There are no words to describe how talented the children are especially since they all have great voices and can act as well.

Besides the children, Rob Colletti as Dewey and Lexie Dorsett Sharp as Rosalie were fantastic. Colletti has a great voice and looked like he was having a blast. Sharp gave a fantastic performance and her character’s solo, “Where Did the Rock Go,” was amazing. I thought she fit the role perfectly.

It is a show with many messages and as a young adult, I find the song “Where Did the Rock Go” very relatable. It is a piece of music that makes me think about when I was a child and a teenager, “wild and bold and free.” But it also reminds me, my inner child is still in there.

The best part of attending the musical was the audience. They went into an enthusiastic applause after almost every number and were cheering as if they were attending a real rock concert. I honestly thought if the show did not go to the next scene after several seconds, the actors would have received a standing ovation.

Overall, the musical was amazing, and I was surprised that I liked it so much. I highly recommend this show to anyone who has not seen it. “School of Rock” is one of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s best and it is no wonder it is doing so well on Broadway. I would see it repeatedly if I had the chance.