Are Ramin Karimloo and Sierra Boggess overrated?


Ramin Karimloo as Phantom, Sierra Boggess as Christine

Some theater actors and actresses have become overrated over the past few months. Namely Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess and probably a few others I do not know about or just have not named. Both Boggess and Karimloo started as understudies and now they are two of the biggest names on Broadway and the West End.

Ramin and Sierra, AKA “Rierra,” have become somewhat overrated lately. Both have starred together in “Love Never Dies” on West End in London and the “Phantom of the Opera” 25th anniversary on DVD, which is where they started rising to fame.

Boggess got her Broadway debut in “The Little Mermaid” with current Broadway Phantom, Norm Lewis. Since then she has become more well known and therefore has gained a fandom, that even the fans get a little tired of. The non-fans might say she is overrated, especially as Christine Daae. Some might say she is the best Christine to take the stage. Well, that is a little too much. She is a great Christine, and one of my favorites, but there have been others before and after her, who have been equally good. I am a big Sierra fan, but not just because of her voice and acting abilities. Because she is an inspiration to me as a person, or at least from her Twitter, and her positivity especially in “Daae Days.”

Karimloo has the same problem, but with more screaming fans, mainly female. He is an attractive man with an incredible voice to match. Some would say he is an amazing Phantom, ok agreed. He is an incredible Jean Valjean, agreed. But he is not the only one to have portrayed the role, just like with Sierra as Christine. Some fans will say he is the best Enjolras, because of the 25th anniversary of “Les Mis” on DVD. Well, there have been others before and after him that have been great as well. If you are going to see “Les Mis” on Broadway just because he is in it, watch the “Good Morning America” clip, because the entire cast is mind blowing. I will admit I wanted to see “Les Mis” on Broadway because he was in it, but after I watched the “Good Morning America” clip, the entire cast won me over. I saw it in New York and was in absolute awe at the cast. Granted, Karimloo was my favorite, but because he just became the role. I am a Ramin fan as well; he is a fantastic actor and is very nice in person.

I cannot explain why these two are so amazing, but just because they are fantastic in one role, does not mean that they are the only ones in the musical, or the only people to have portrayed the role. Is Karimloo better than Michael Crawford? I do not think so, but he is better than Cooper Grodin (any “Phan” will tell you that). Is he better than Hugh Panaro, well that is your opinion.

Boggess is not the only actress to have portrayed Christine Daae. There have been many others before and after her. Is she better than Sarah Brightman? Some would say yes and some would say no. Is she better than Julia Udine? Well that is, once again, your opinion.

Both, Karimloo and Boggess have worked hard to get where they are and I am not trying to bash them in any way, I am just stating what some fans have been thinking for a while and saying on social media. They are great actors, but they have a giant fandom, which makes them seem overrated at some points. I am NOT blaming the fandom. Once again I am a fan of both as well. I have met Ramin Karimloo, and Sierra Boggess is my idol, but I do like to keep in mind that other actors are equally amazing in the roles that both have portrayed.