“The Last Five Years” movie review


Jamie and Cathy are a young married couple. Jamie is a best selling novelist and Cathy is a struggling theater actress. The movie has an intercutting timeline and began from Cathy’s point of view at the end of the couple’s relationship and ended at the start of it. From Jamie’s standpoint, it went from the beginning of it to the end.

Before the film came to theaters I really wanted to see it, but I could not because I was still in college at the time and I was busy. I was finally able to watch it on Netflix recently, and I was pretty disappointed. 

Based on the Off-Broadway production of the same name, “The Last Five Years”stars Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan. The film was released in theaters in the United States on February 13, 2015.

Former Broadway actress, Anna Kendrick was very believable as Cathy. She did a great job acting and had a good voice. Since the director had most of the songs sung live, the audience got the chance to see what she is capable of without being studio recorded.

Broadway actor, Jeremy Jordan did a fantastic job as Jamie, they could not have casted anyone better. He put a lot of emotion into the character and had a great voice.

The characters are a good reminder of what it is like to be young and in love, but the problem was, they were too focused on their careers. Jamie was more successful than Cathy and she did not like being on the sidelines, nor did she like where her job as an actress was going.

Jamie tried to support Cathy, but he also had his own career to think about. By the end of the film he had given up on his marriage and made some very big mistakes.

When you make vows to another person they need to mean something to both people. When you are in a marriage, both parties need to make it work. This is why I did not particularly enjoy the story or feel sad by the end of the film. Both Jamie and Cathy did not seem to fight hard enough for their relationship when their careers were getting in the way.

I know musicals are mostly fiction, but the storyline bothered me, especially since divorce is such a heavy topic for me. The story did not move me like most musicals do, nor did I find any moments humorous. There were some sweet moments, but when I know what is going to happen, it spoils everything. That is just how I am.

The film was not my favorite and I found the timelines to be confusing at certain points. However, the music was good and I thought Jordan and Kendrick’s voices went well together.


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