Spike and Wes- Parallels (Part 1)

Since watching the television show “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and it’s spin-off, “Angel,” I have noticed a few similarities between the two characters, Spike (James Marsters) and Wesley “Wes” Wyndam-Pryce (Alexis Denisof). Both characters are English and the actors are American, but that is not where the similarities end.

*Spoiler Alert for both shows*

How They Started

Both men started as pretty geeky. They were not violent and obeyed society’s rules, or in Wes’ case, the Council’s rules.

Spike started as a human named William Pratt, a 1880’s Englishman who wrote poetry and was often mocked by his peers.

Spike is introduced in season two of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” but by that time he was already a hardcore, bad boy vampire. The audience did not see him as a human until a flashback episode in season five.

Wes is introduced in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” season three. He is introduced as a new watcher for slayers Faith and Buffy. He constantly annoyed the entire crew to no end, lived by the council’s rules, could not fight and was very much a wimp.

Wes did not appear on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” again after the third season, but he did become a regular in all five seasons of “Angel.”

Character Development

Spike and Wes had the best character development on both shows. They go from their status quo to changing for the better.

Spike had the best character development on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.” He goes from being a villain, known for killing two slayers, to becoming a champion.

When Spike is first introduced in the second season, he did not have a soul and therefore felt no remorse for anything he did. He loved his girlfriend, Drusilla, and did anything he could for her, which usually involved ending the world.

Eventually, Spike teams up with Buffy at the end of the second season to try and get his girlfriend back, who is falling for the soulless vampire and Buffy’s ex, Angelus (Angel without a soul).

Afterwards, he comes back once in season three and becomes a regular in season four through seven and season five of “Angel,” which takes place after “Buffy.”

After teaming up with Buffy the first time, Spike continued to do so, but with his own agenda which was somewhat towards the dark side. During the fifth season of the show he fell in love with Buffy and gained his soul at the very end of season six.

Once Spike gained his soul, he became a better man. In the last season of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” he was constantly trying to prove himself worthy and show he was not the man he once was, which Buffy saw immediately after learning he was ensouled.

In the last season of “Angel,” Spike came back as a ghost via the amulet he wore in the last episode of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

During his time on “Angel,” the audience got the chance to see that Spike tumblr_ln5rgbI85o1qhmr8mo1_500was capable of doing good on his own withut an alibi and still held his sarcastic, hilarious attitude that made him so lovable and popular.

Wes was a bit of a different story. After “Buffy” the audience saw him again in the first season of “Angel,” where he was attempting to live as a rouge demon hunter.

Wes was still pretty nerdy during this time, but as the show goes on he takes a turn no one saw coming.

In the third season of “Angel,” Wes is abandoned by his friends for taking Angel’s son, Connor, which he only did to protect the infant. This causes him to stray down a darker path, which would continue until season four. It is because of this he became a better fighter, but throughout all of it he continued to be there for the people he cared about.

To be continued in “Spike and Wes-Parellels (Part 2)




3 thoughts on “Spike and Wes- Parallels (Part 1)

    • True. Do you think that had an effect on Spike’s siring?
      I don’t think so since Drusilla sired Darla in “Angel,” but I could be wrong. All vampires on the show seem to be different, even Harmony stayed pretty much the same after being turned.
      Thanks for commenting on all three posts by the way.

      • Thanks for dividing your post into manageable bits. :)… Originally Darla made Angel. Angel made Drusilla and then she made Spike. then Drusilla remade Darla who was magically returned to human form, complete with sexual disease she was dying from interestingly…… Darla was less powerful in her second incarnation, having been made by The Master buffy offed in season 1.

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