“If/Then” tour and “Les Miserables” Casting Announcements 2015

Idina Menzel and Alfie Boe are reprising their former roles. While one is “always starting over,” for the other “another story must begin.”


Idina Menzel as Liz/Beth

Idina Menzel is joining the “If/Then” tour. It was announced on May 7, 2015 that Menzel would reprise her role as Liz/Beth in the Tony nominated musical, starting in Denver, after her world tour. The tour takes off Oct. 13.

All of Menzel’s fans have expressed their excitement on social media and they “couldn’t be happier” (“Wicked” pun intended).


Alfie Boe as Jean Valjean in the new production photo

It was announced on May 8, 2015 that West End and Broadway actor, Alfie Boe is coming back to Broadway to reprise the role of Jean Valjean in “Les Miserables” on Sept. 1. He will be succeeding current Jean Valjean, Ramin Karimloo. Boe will also reunite with Earl Carpenter, who is currently reprising his role as Javert.

Carpenter and Karimloo both co-stared with Boe in the “Les Miserables” 25th anniversary concert, which took place at the O2 in London in 2010 and is available on DVD. Boe portrayed Jean Valjean, Carpenter was the Bishop and Karimloo portrayed Enjolras.

Once it was announced that Boe was taking over as Jean Valjean, fans showed their enthusiasm on social media. For some, like myself, Boe may have been their introduction to the character. Fans are incredibly happy to hear he is taking over the role on Broadway.

I personally have mixed feelings about Menzel reprising her role. When “If/Then” was on Broadway, it seemed to revolve around her and she was the reason it ran as long as it did. I am happy that she is touring with the show and I am a fan, but I wanted to see the show without Idina to see what the big fuss was about. Fans used to throw a FIT when Menzel was not on as the lead, so I thought the tour could give fans a chance to see it without it’s biggest star and give another actress a chance to play the lead.

I am very happy that Alfie Boe is reprising the role of Jean Valjean. He was the actor who introduced me to the character when I watched the 25th anniversary concert on DVD. Plus he is co-starring with Earl Carpenter and it cannot get any better than that.


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