“Phantom of the Opera” photos. Can you even dare to look?

The new “Phantom of the Opera” photos with current Phantom, James Barbour, were released yesterday. While some are not completely supportive because of Barbour and his past, I love the new photos. They are beautifully shot and look better than the photos from the last few years.

I took one semester of photography class, which I was required to take for my college major, during the 2014-2015 school year and these are a few of my views from what I have learned. I am not an expert, but I have a higher appreciation for this type of work than I did before. Never forget that photography, like theater, is an art and tells a story.


James Barbour as the Phantom and Julia Udine as Christine. Photograph by Matthew Murphy

First of all, the poses look very in the moment compared to past photos, which is part of the beauty. Just look at how beautiful the poses are. Not only that, but you can see both of the characters and Christine (Julia Udine) isn’t blocking the Phantom’s (James Barbour) body from view. The angle which the photographer, Matthew Murphy, shot it is just perfect.

You can clearly see the Phantom’s mask, hand and body. You can also see the chemistry between the two characters, which is the part of photography that tells the story.PHANTOM6


phantom3One of the things that I absolutely love about these photos is the background.  You can really see inside the Phantom’s lair.

I especially love the candles and the gate in the photos. The detail of the Phantom’s suit is shown and the angles which the photos were taken are perfect.

I also love the Phantom’s poses. In the past, fans have seen what appears to be the same pose, but with a different actor and actress. So these new photos are refreshing.phantom2


If the fans pay attention to the photos and not just James Barbour, then they can see the beauty that the pictures bring and appreciate the work of Matthew Murphy. Photographers work VERY hard. It is not easy to take photos like this and he most likely had to take hundreds before going through his photos and choosing these.


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