“Phantom of the Opera” 2015 tour review

I saw “Phantom of the Opera” on tour again April 24, 2015. The cast included Chris Mann as the Phantom, Katie Travis as Christine and Nick Cartell as Raoul. This was my third time seeing the new tour, but my first with the new cast and I loved it.

Taking place in an opera house in the late 1800s, the Phantom (Mann) is a man who haunts the opera house and terrorizes everyone in it. He is love with and tutors the young Swedish soprano, Christine Daae’ (Travis), who is in love with childhood sweetheart Raoul de Chagny (Cartell). This is a story with love, revenge and chandeliers.

The set is amazing and looks like an opera house. The stairs during the title song are one of the best parts of the set and never cease to amaze me. Of course nothing can beat the original.

Mann was great as the Phantom. He had a great presence, voice and look for the part. His Phantom was a bit sassy at times and a tad violent. His chemistry with Travis was more teacher-pupil, but more loving in act two. It was not until the last line he sang that Mann really showed how much power is in his voice.

Travis did a good job as Christine. She had a great voice, but it was a bit hard to understand her at some points. She really showed her fear for the Phantom and how much weight was being held on her character in the second act.

Cartell was understudying for Storm Lineberger as Raoul and he did a good job. He was a bit hard to hear, but he made up for that in “All I Ask of You.” However, he cut Travis off a bit to soon on the last line, but during the song they acted like two young adults in love for the first time. It was cute.

The rest of the cast was amazing as well. Edward Juvier was a good Piangi, it is hard to believe he is an understudy. Edward Staudenmayer was great as Adre and Davis Benot was a hilarious Firmin. Jacquelynne Fontaine was fabulous Carlotta she had a beautiful voice.

Anne Kanengeiser was amazing as Madame Giry, it is no wonder she played the role on Broadway. She had that intimidation that the role should have. Morgan Cowling was great as Meg, she had a powerful voice and it really showed in “Angel of Music.”

Overall it was a “Phantastic” performance with all of the magic that the show brings to the stage. If you get the chance to see this cast I recommend it.


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