“Once” tour review

Tony award winning musical of 2012, “Once,” came to Oklahoma City, Okla., on January 13, 2015. I got to see it on January 17, 2015 and I was not disappointed.

The cast included West End actor, Stuart Ward as Guy, Dani de Waal as Girl and Evan Harrington as Billy. All of the actors in the performance played instruments such as the guitar, piano, cello, drums, violin, etc.

Ward was amazing as Guy. He was a great actor and had fantastic voice. His first song, “Leave” was entrancing and had so much emotion, especially with his guitar playing. His duet with Waal in “Falling Slowly” was amazing. Their voices went very well together.

Waal did a fantastic job as Girl. She was humorous, had a beautiful voice and did an amazing job dancing with the ensemble and portraying the emotions in the song “If You Want Me.” Her best song overall was her solo “The Hill,” because of her voice and her emotions. She did a great job on the piano, which she plays during the musical.

Harrington was great as Billy. He looked like he was having fun with the role, from giving humorous lines to being serious when the situation in the musical called for it. He had a great voice as well and was great playing the guitar, percussion and ukulele throughout the musical.

This was my first time seeing this musical and it became a new favorite of mine by intermission. It has beautiful music, especially “Falling Slowly.” Amazing choreography in “Gold,” with the way the actors could dance and play their instruments at the same time. Another favorite of mine is “Leave,” which was a wonderful opening song.

The musical itself was wonderful. A great love story between the two main characters, that goes from a shaky friendship to where they slowly fall in love. It is also about music along with the stories and passion behind it. It is also about family and not to give up on your dreams.


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