Idina Menzel’s New Years Eve 2014 Performance

Moet & Chandon Toasts 2015 As The Official Champagne Of New Year's Eve In Times Square

On January 31, 2014 actress, Broadway star and Tony winner, Idina Menzel sang her “Frozen” hit “Let It Go” at New York Times Square. During the song she sounded a bit off and completely missed the high note at the end of the song, which is “Let the storm rage ooooooooon.”

Idina Menzel is a very popular (“Wicked” pun) artist and actress, so naturally she has millions of fans, literally if you look her up on Facebook. After her performance fans on social media came to her defense about it, her non-fans bashed her. The non-fans went from bashing her singing voice, as far as to go into her personal life, meaning her divorce with Taye Diggs, which was too far. Fans went as far as to hate on the non-fans and confront them. The truth that most fans are not willing to admit is that she did indeed have an off night, it happens. Fans took it too far in defending and non-fans went too far on the hate they gave her and her fans as well.

While I am a fan of Idina, I had to keep an open mind about the performance and truth to be told, it was not her best. What people need to remember is that she is human and she does make mistakes. I could make excuses like, it was snowing and windy, she performs eight shows a week on “If/Then,” etc. The honest truth is, once again, it was not her best performance.

The hate and serious defense got so bad that I had to log off of twitter that night. We all need to, in the words of Idina Menzel, let it go.


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