“Book of Mormon” U.S. Tour 2014

The “Book of Mormon” U.S., tour came to Oklahoma City, Okla., on December 30, 2014 and I got the chance to see it opening night. The tour starred Ryan Bondy as Elder Price, Chad Burris as Elder Cunningham and Alexandra Ncube as Nabulungi.

The cast did a great job, particularly Bondy, Burris and Ncube. Bondy’s voice was amazing, particularly in “I Believe.” The rest of the cast was equally amazing, great singing and dancing. The set was really well done, great backdrops. The costumes were also amazing and there were hilarious use of props as well.

The musical has many puns toward the Christian and Mormon faith. The key to enjoying this musical if one is a Christian or Mormon, is to keep an open mind that it is just a musical, and it is meant to be funny. The music was catchy and enjoyable. There is some language and some parts are inappropriate, but some of the parts were so inappropriate, that it was impossible not to laugh. The audience was cracking up, cheering and clapping throughout the musical. They loved it!

As a Christian watching the musical, I found it enjoyable and very well done. While finding some parts of the musical inappropriate, it was done in a funny way. I had never seen the musical before, so I enjoyed it. It lived up to its reputation.


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