Earl Carpenter is back as Javert


Earl Carpenter

Legendary Javert, Earl Carpenter, is coming to the United States to take over for current Javert, Will Swenson, in the musical “Les Miserables” on Broadway. Carpenter will also be reuniting with former co-stars Ramin Karimloo (Jean Valjean) and Samantha Hill (Cosette).


Earl Carpenter as Javert

Carpenter was recently Javert in the revival of the Toronto production, of “Les Miserables,” which he co-stared with Karimloo and Hill in their respective roles. He has also been Javert in London, including the 25th anniversary UK tour. He has also had a small part in the 25th anniversary concert of “Les Miserables” as the Bishop and the 25th anniversary of “The Phantom of the Opera” as the auctioneer.

Fans of “Les Miserables” could not be happier to hear that Earl Carpenter will be taking over, even if only for a short matter of time. Will Swenson will be missed, but fans know that Carpenter has experience with the role of Javert and will do a great job.

Swenson’s absence is due to staring in the new show “Bill Durham” in Atlanta. Swenson will be absent from “Les Mis” starting July 22 and will return on October 5. Carptenter will take over the role starting August 12 and will leave October 3. Swenson’s understudy, Adam Monley, will take over from July 22 until Carpenter begins.


Will Swenson



2 thoughts on “Earl Carpenter is back as Javert

  1. Hi, thanks for the article. It is really exciting news!

    Just wondering that how/where you got the information that Adam Monley covers the role between Carpenter’s departure and Swenson’s return? Because Swenson is in Bill Durham until October 5 but some posts/articles even states that Swenson returns to Les Miz on that day which surely is not possible. My understanding is that Carpenter’s last show is October 3; Monley is on as Javert on October 4-5; Swenson is back to the role from October 7 – this at least makes sense.

    • My source is from the Broadway.com article posted on July 8th. Sorry if some of this didn’t make sense, I’m still improving on my writing skills, and your understanding would be correct. Thank you for the reply and I will make the corrections in wording.

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