Love Never Dies rant

I usually write reviews but ever since the “Love Never Dies” announcement yesterday, I have to get this out of my system.

Andrew Lloyd Webber has announced that “Love Never Dies” could possibly go on to Broadway if the production works out in Japan. But Webber has also announced that there will be a new ending, to kill the Phantom instead of Christine.

Of course everyone’s first thought is “Wait, what,” “Don’t bring it to America,” without even reading the article and if they did read it then they think that it is the worst idea for an ending ever. Of course “Love Never Dies” fans are complaining even “Phans” are complaining. It is a lose/lose.

Since 2012 the DVD of the Australian production has been out and since 2010 the London CD has been out, which gives away the original ending. Why change it?  Killing the Phantom would not only break the hearts of many, but Webber said that he was doing it for the sake of Phantom and Christine’s son, Gustave.

“People worry about what happens to the child,” Webber said.

Um Andrew I hate to break it to you, but we know Gustave is in safe hands with the Phantom. Yes Christine is dead, but he is in SAFE hands! The man is rich and owns a theme park in New York. The Phantom has grown up (somewhat) in “Love Never Dies” and Gustave would have been be fine, this is life.

The Phantom dying would be a bit out there. How will Gustave know his parentage? How will he react with a dying Phantom? And the big question is how Christine will react with her love and father of her child dying. Also will Christine stay in America and take care of Coney Island until Gustave is old enough to, or will she and Gustave find Raoul and go back with him? The possibility of the Phantom dying raises questions and the ending would be different leaving a heartbroken Christine, as well as devastated fans.

There are a couple of scenarios on how the Phantom can die in the end:

1)                   Meg shoots him after she says “Now that I have you attention at last. Here’s the big finish and then you can go.” During this part of the musical she is pointing a gun at Phantom.

2)                   Instead of accidently shooting Christine, Meg accidently shoots the Phantom. Either way it would be an accident if this were the case.

My own opinion is that it is an awful idea to change an ending that is already well known. Is Webber trying to make it more like the book ending of “The Phantom of the Opera,” because that should have been done in the first musical if that is the case. But then “Phantom” would not be the same with having a mysterious ending. I think changing the ending is ridiculous and heartbreaking, but if they do change the ending then I would like to see how they make it work out. Good luck Webber.


2 thoughts on “Love Never Dies rant

  1. Apparently, Lloyd Webber got the idea that people worry about the child from audience feed-back in Vienna, perhaps in Denmark too, but he mentions Vienna.

    I don’t really think Gustave is in safe hands. The Phantom isn’t the mad serial killer some people like to think he is, but I don’t see any growth in him in the sequel. On the contrary, he’s reverted to being almost completely selfish, something he realized at the end of POTO wasn’t the way to go—real love is unselfish. He’s still unstable at best in LND and gets Christine killed, Gustave left motherless, and the Girys treated badly, especially Meg, because he can’t think of anything except what HE wants.
    –But I’ve never liked the sequel anyway–so I suppose I shouldn’t care what he does with the end of the show if it gets to NYC.

    • To each their own. And I agree it was his actions that got her killed in the first place, but the man can’t talk to women period. LND isn’t the best, but like I said to each their own.

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