Wicked tour review

I saw Wicked on tour in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma on September 5, 2013. This was my second time seeing this show, and it was amazing to say the least. The cast performed wonderfully and the singing was in perfect harmony during duets or the whole cast singing. The stage was set up perfectly and the lighting was very well done. The mechanical dragon that is used above the stage was amazing to watch and the other special effects, such as the background screen used for songs such as “I’m Not That Girl”was great for the other special effects.

Hayley Podschun as Glinda was amazing! She hit some serious high notes, sung loudly enough to hear over the music and the ensemble, and did a great job acting. What truly showed how great Podschun was as Glinda was at the begiining of the play right before “Dear Old Shiz” when she showed the loss Glinda felt for Elphaba. She was also hilarious when the character was comedic. Jennifer DiNoia as Elphaba was great. She really did an amazing job portraying the character and did a great job singing wise. The only thing that was bothersome, was during the first act I could not really hear her voice over the music on killer long notes, an example being the end of “The Wizard and I”. But besides that she did a great job, was a great singer and an amazing actress. Kathy Fitzgerald was amazing in her role as Madame Morrible. Fitzgerald had previously portrayed the role on Broadway in 2010-2011, so she has had previous experience in portraying the role of Madame Morrible. She was a great singer and a great actress. David Nathan Perlow as the role of Fiyero was great. Great dancing, great singing and terrific acting. Alex Wyse as Boq was amazing! He did a great job singing especially and portraying this shy and funny munchkin.

The other highlights of the performance was the dancing especially Walker Jones (the Wizard) during “Wonderful”. The flying monkeys were also amazing and did some of the best dancing. All of the actors/actresses were perfect in their singing and dancing. Overall the show was a real treat to see and was just amazing overall.


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