Sound of Music (2013 version)

On December 2013 “The Sound of Music” was revised into a live version of the play production. This production has country star, Carrie Underwood portraying Maria. I, like many others, grew up with the 1965 version with Julie Andrews.

Carrie Underwood did a good job, there were times in “Do-Re-Mi” where she was out of breath, but she was able to hit the high note at the end of the song. In the song “Lonely Goatheard,” she did get out of breath a bit, but her yodeling was done wonderfully. Her acting was ok at first, but then she really got more comfortable after “Climb Ev’ry Mountain.” The thing to keep in mind is that she is not a professional stage or movie actress, and this was done live. Also she is not Julie Andrews (who is?), or even Sierra Boggess, who sounds almost like Julie Andrews. Carrie Underwood did a good job, all singers are different.
Ariane Rinehart and Michael Campayno in the song “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” were highly impressive, especially their dancing. Former stage Maria, Laura Benanti, portrayed the Baroness and did a great job in the song “How Can Love Survive?.” The entire cast did a good job, but I was not that impressed with Stephen Moyer as Capt. Von Trapp, I just didn’t like his voice at some points. Of course the actress who did a fantastic job in her role was broadway actress, Audra McDonald, as Mother Abbess.

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