Phantom of the Opera (2004 movie) review

In 2004, the movie “The Phantom of the Opera” came to theaters, and then to DVD in 2005. It is not the first time there has been an adaption of the book by Gaston Leroux, but it is the first to be based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical.

The movie cast has Gerald Butler as the Phantom, Emmy Rossum as Christine and Patrick Wilson as Raoul. While Butler only had two voice lessons before taking on the role, Rossum had been singing since she was 7 years old and got the role for the movie at the age of 16. Wilson had already been on Broadway productions such as “Oklahoma,” and he was the only of the three main character actors to have seen the play.
Because Gerald Butler is good-looking, he was widely criticized for portraying a “sexy Phantom,” his singing was criticized as well.

Growing up with this movie since the age of 12, I like it. I thought Gerald Butler sang really well. Emmy Rossum is an inspiration to me for taking on a demanding role at a young age. When I listen to Patrick Wilson now, it is clear he had the more trained voice of the three.
Fun fact: Ramin Karimloo (the original “Love Never Dies” Phantom/25th anniversary Phantom) had a cameo as Christine’s father in the movie and was playing Raoul in the musical at the time.

Usually I tend to somewhat agree with “The Phantom Reviewer,” but this is the one case I do not. I do, however, agree about the deformity, which looks like a burn.


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