Oklahoma (1999 version)

I watched “Oklahoma,” the 1955 version, for the first time when I was in the fourth grade. In 1999, the stage version was revised on screen. This version stars Hugh Jackman as Curly, Josefina Gabrielle as Laurey, and Shuler Hensley as Jud.

This TV movie is where Jackman got his start as an actor, while he may not be Gordon MacRae, he still did a good job singing wise. Having only seen the movie I thought he could have done better with “Surrey With the Fringe on Top” acting wise. In the scene where Curly was fighting Jud, Jackman looked like Wolverine, so I thought that was a bit interesting. Other than that he did a great job overall. Josefina Gabrielle did a great job as Laurey. She had a great voice and did a fantastic job dancing in the dance scene, she was actually the fist actress to portray the role to do her own dancing in this scene and not use a double. Shuler Hensley did a great job as Jud. He had a great voice, great emotion, he nailed the role. The entire cast did a great job, and they all danced very well too.


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